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The Original Milk Lovers

The Canny Team Liam & Simon

The Canny Team: Liam & Simon

We’re Liam and Simon a.k.a. Canny. Proper Geordie and proud of it, our milkshakes were born and bred in Newcastle. It all began on a farm in Northumberland and in 2015, we made our first cartons.

Liam had a bit of an unusual obsession with milk and Simon didn’t judge him. Match made in heaven. We’ve combined our herbalist and drinks industry knowledge to create a product we’re both really proud of. And so are our mams for that matter!


We've milked it!

A Gap in the Milk Market

Liam and Simon being belta

We're proper grafters!

We want to be the best, not the biggest. Which means we actually care about what goes into our product. What you see is what you get. And the same can be said for us. We’re two blokes that love to have a laugh.

But in truth, we’ve grafted to get here and know our stuff. By March 2016, Canny was all aboard Virgin Trains and had sold 10,000 cartons by August. At which point, we started our conversations with investors. And scrubbed up for the occasion!


sweEt enough, pet!

Innovative Chocolate Milk

Liam and Simon being belta

The One & only

In February, we began the journey to create a Chocolate Milk with absolutely no added sugar. And we did it! But don’t be put off, it tastes proper lush. We’ve made sure of that.

We're proud to say that every ingredient that goes into our chocolate milk is 100% natural – always canny, never nasty. We re-branded to clean up the ingredients, but added our Geordie banter to the carton. Because we want to make you feel good inside and out.


Show ofFs!

The Bits Our Mams Our Most Proud Of

Liam and Simon being belta

LoOk how buzzin' we are man!

This year in June, we started a Crowdcube campaign and overfunded to 180%. Not bad, eh?! We were also asked to be part of an ITV programme with Karren Brady. Who'd have thought it!

Our re-branded, no added sugar chocolate milk is bigger and better than ever. We’ve also been voted one of the top businesses to watch for 2017.

So, watch this space...


Canny Little Team

Liam from Canny

I don't bite, mate!

Meet Liam
Liam and Simon being belta

My Round or Yours?!

Meet Simon