Canny #ShowYourBottle Competition

Get yours Out!

Got banter? Prove it! We'll reward you for it & more importantly, we'll respect you.


Your bottle is a two-way street. It's your carton and your crack. They come hand in hand, like all the best duos. Ant & Dec, Liam & Simon...

It's about how ballsy you can go with your banter and the craziest places you can show off your carton.

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Show you mine if... show me yours, pet!

Get your carton out for the Canny lads, we want to see it in all its glory!


So grab it, drink it, caption it. Funniest one wins some mint Canny stuff.

Upload on the social media channel of your choice, tag us and use the hashtag #ShowYourBottle. We're buzzing to see them!

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