Recover with Canny


Recover with Canny

Happy new year, Canny crew! We’re back to tell you’s about MORE of the brand new benefits of Canny chocolate milk. They just keep on coming don’t they!

At Canny, we’re not about chugging raw eggs or depriving yourself of a proper messy burger now again… But, as you know, we’re advocates of natural ingredients that still taste absolutely lush.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again (just in case you weren’t paying attention), Canny is NOT a protein shake. But that’s not to say that it isn’t a wicked source of natural protein. 12.3g of the stuff goes into our chocolate milk, to be exact.

Liam, Canny

And although our carton may be little, don’t underestimate its bottle! Big time nutritionists have been claiming for a while that “chocolate milk has the ideal carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, which your muscles require to replenish glycogen levels.” (FYI glycogen is the stuff responsible for supplying energy to muscles.)

Low fat chocolate milk is even being recognised as more beneficial than most sports drinks as a source of vitamins, calcium, potassium and muscle building. 

And if you’re still not convinced, Mo Farah himself considers chocolate milk a cracking way to recover after races. And we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before the Mo-bot discovers Canny…

Before you think that the chocolate in Canny is just there to make it taste good, well – it’s not. The chocolate actually boosts the carbohydrates supplied to your muscles and liver, in a way that normal milk can’t. Meaning that the natural sugars give you the recommended carbs you need after exercise.

If you don’t re-fuel, you could risk your body snacking on your own protein stores – making that hour in the gym a complete waste of time! The key is to get this little beauty inside you within two hours after working out, so hoy it straight in your gym bag. See, being small has its benefits! We knew it.

Total legend, Tom Denniss broke the world record for a round-the-world run in 2013 and sat down at the start and end of each day with – you’ve guessed it! – a canny amount of chocolate milk. In the words of wor Dennis, “You can't rely on electrolyte drinks, as those won't be available when you're running through the Malyasian jungle.” Well said, pal!

Canny chocolate milk makes it easy to replenish necessary vitamins, without having to cram a crazy amount of calories into your diet. It can also give you the energy needed to perform longer, compared with sports drinks – which is class news on all kinds of levels!

As for supplements, they taste rubbish, cost a lot and usually contain the good stuff that’s naturally found in dairy products anyway! So, why look anywhere else?

To sum up lads and lasses, chocolate milk is a natural, balanced and tasty choice for promoting recovery. New gym membership this January? Whether you’re planning a run through the jungle, or quite simply don’t want to look like one of those lot drinking a protein shake… Grab your carton and train the Canny way.