Brand New Canny Chocolate Milk


Brand New Canny Chocolate Milk

You might be wondering where we’ve been… Well, let us shed some light for you. Remember how we said we want to be the best not the biggest? We’ve been working on that. We realised that we’d out-grown our old pack. It didn’t properly represent us as people, or our brand anymore. I guess you could say we took a “gap yah” to find ourselves. And what we found was…

We’re Canny. Canny brave, canny tasty, canny natural and canny funny. We make people feel good - inside and out.

So, our brave and funny side has taken centre stage on our new cartons. The purple, hand-scripted font is edgy and ballsy – and speaks directly to you with cheeky, Geordie banter. It reflects our personality and shows people that a clean drink doesn’t have to be bland!

As anyone who knows us will know, we’re two normal lads who love to have a laugh. We are the Canny brand – so our logo is no different from the banter on our pack. It’s all one thing. Get it?!

Canny Rebrand by Precept

And as for our milk… That’s where the tasty and natural bit comes in. Canny has always been tasty, but we’ve taken our natural side to a whole new level. This year, we began the journey to create a Chocolate Milk with absolutely no added sugar. And we did it! Absolutely buzzing. We’re now proud to say that every ingredient that goes into our chocolate milk is 100% natural. But don’t be put off, it still tastes proper lush. We’ve made sure of that.

So, we re-branded to clean up the ingredients, but added our Geordie banter to the carton. Because we want to make you feel good inside and out. All starting to make sense now, aye?

You might’ve seen that in June we started a Crowdcube campaign and incredibly we overfunded to 180%! We no longer consider ourselves a start-up, we’ve grown up (debatable) and our brand now represents that. Basically, we’ve found our bottle.

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You’ll notice when you’re having a deeks round our new & improved website, that it’s mint but – more importantly – it’s interactive. That’s because we want to get to know you as much as we want you to get to know us! Those who have been with us from the start know we love the crack on social media, so going forwards we’re gonna be running a #ShowYourBottle Competition. It’s not a temporary thing, it’s here to stay. But each month we’ll have a different theme to inspire your bottle selfies.

Your bottle isn’t just your carton. It's about how ballsy you can go with your banter and the craziest places you can show off your Canny milk. So, grab it, drink it, caption it. Funniest one wins some mint Canny stuff. Upload on the social media channel of your choice, tag us and use the hashtag #ShowYourBottle. We're buzzing to see them!

Anyway, cheers for waiting for us to figure things out. Pop and see us anytime to get a brand new bottle of Canny chocolate milk.